Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the term of the V.I.P. Platform year?
The V.I.P. Platform year runs from September 1-August 31.

How does a retailer qualify to enroll?
A retailer that is partnering with Verdesian in the nutrient use efficiency category and has $200,000 USD/$250,000 CAD (suggested dealer pricing) in qualifying sales for the period of September 1-August 31 qualifies to enroll.

How are qualifying sales calculated?
V.I.P. Platform qualifying sales are calculated for the term of September 1-August 31. For the program year that starts on September 1, qualifying sales are for the previous program year, September 1-August 31.

When does enrollment take place?
V.I.P. Platform enrollment is typically in October. The partnership agreement is sent to each interested and qualifying retailer to be signed. Once signed, the earned V.I.P. Points are unlocked and ready to be used.

What are V.I.P. Points?
A retailer earns one (1) V.I.P. Point for every $50 (suggested dealer pricing) USD/CAD in sales. One V.I.P. Point equals $1.00 USD/CAD. V.I.P. Points can be used in a variety of ways to educate on or promote Verdesian products. It’s the retailer’s choice on how the Points are used. Points expire at the end of the program year, are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

How can V.I.P. Points be used?
V.I.P. Points can be used to educate on or promote Verdesian products. Click here to see a few of the different ways Points can be used.

What are important deadlines to keep in mind?
There are two important V.I.P. Platform deadlines to remember: 1)June 15: All earned/available V.I.P. Points must be allocated in the V.I.P. Points Redemption website. 2) August 31: All allocation plans must be fully executed by this date. Points are non-transferrable, cannot be redeemed for cash and expire after August 31.

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