About Our V.I.P. Platform

What is the V.I.P. Platform?

The V.I.P. Platform is a loyalty program that gives retailers unprecedented access to leading nutrient use efficiency marketing tools, collateral, training, and technology to grow your business.

This points-based program will allow you to utilize earned V.I.P. Points how and when they wish to in order to grow your business. Utilize our industry-leading prebuilt tools or use the V.I.P. Points to develop your own nutrient use efficiency business development activities and initiatives.

As a V.I.P., you are also able to enroll in the Verdesian Equipment Program. We are committed to helping V.I.P.s operate efficiently with the most up-to-date equipment available. Since equipment purchases can be significant, Verdesian offers the Equipment Program to support products that require specialized equipment. A minimum equipment purchase is required and this program can cover up to 100% of equipment costs*. Talk to your Verdesian account manager to learn more.

*Enrollment approval and qualifications apply.

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What are the benefits?

Verdesian offers the turn-key benefits listed below. You can also create custom uses for your V.I.P. Points. We look forward to working together to bring your ideas to life!

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    Communication Funds

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    Custom Sales Incentives

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    Grower and Retailer Training

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    Regional Events

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    V.I.P. Retreat (one trip for a key decision-maker)

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    V.I.P. Summit (two complimentary trips)

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    Verdesian NUE University Incentive Funds

VIP Points Events

How does a retailer qualify?

$300,000 (USD) / $375,000 (CAD)

September 1 – August 31

Retailers purchasing more than $300,000 (USD)/$375,000 (CAD) (suggested dealer price) during the period of September 1-August 31 qualify to enroll.
All VLS product purchases count! You must also sign the annual V.I.P. Platform agreement.


Look. We’ve all been part of programs where you get one point from Category A products, but there is a multiplier of 3x if you buy them on a Thursday, 5x if it is raining that day, but only in the month of November, but there is an additional multiplier if it’s partnered with at least 48% commitment on a Category C product.

Who has time for that?

Not people that want to grow their business.

At Verdesian we try and make things easy and straightforward. So here is how it works. For each $50.00 USD/CAD (suggested dealer pricing) of Verdesian product you purchase during September 1-August 31, you receive one V.I.P. Point. Told ya it was simple.


Purchase of Verdesian Products



Verdesian V.I.P. Point

Important Program Dates

October: Sign V.I.P. Platform Agreement
November: V.I.P. Retreat Registration
January: New Verdesian NUE University Courses Launched
January 30-February 3: V.I.P. Retreat
March 31 Deadline: All V.I.P. Points Allocated in V.I.P. Points Redemption Website (click here to complete task)
No Changes Can be Made After This Date
July 31-August 2: V.I.P. Summit
August 31 Deadline: All Allocation Plans Executed and Payment Requests Submitted (click here to complete task)

V.I.P. Points to Grow Your Business

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