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In today’s market, every investment and input carries a significant weight. Fertilizer – a necessity for the success of a healthy, high-yielding crop – is no exception. When up to 50 percent of applied nitrogen (N) fertilizer can be lost to volatilization, leaching and denitrification, preventing nitrogen loss is critical.

Nitrogen and weather are the biggest contributors to crop yields. Lack of nitrogen has the potential to be a major yield-limiting factor if that applied nitrogen doesn’t last throughout the season. The corn crop needs that nitrogen for growth and not just at early development. Data from the University of Illinois shows that corn crops are still taking up 0.8 Lb./day of nitrogen at grain fill or between the R2 and R6 stages of growth.

NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager from Verdesian Life Sciences protects applied nitrogen fertilizer – liquid or dry – regardless of application timing, offering long-lasting, advanced protection against all three types of loss, and protecting growers’ bottom lines.

A study from the University of Missouri explored the volatilization of urea during the 2012 growing season. Results showed that NutriSphere-N continued to protect nitrogen from volatilization for the 28 days between application to the soil and the first incorporating rainfall.

Within the study period, unprotected urea lost four times as much nitrogen as the urea treated with NutriSphere-N: 375.42 ppm ammonia for plain urea compared to 84.17 ppm for NutriSphere-N.

Unlike other nitrogen fertilizer additives, NutriSphere-N can protect nitrogen for a full 10-12 months, providing a longer period of nitrogen availability, lasting through the essential grain fill period.

NutriSphere-N has also been proven to protect the farmer’s bottom line. With nitrogen more available to the plant throughout the growing season, yields increase, resulting in better ROI for their fertilizer inputs.

Adding NutriSphere-N to 25 Gal./A of UAN (90 units of N/A) results in an $8.14/A cost to the grower. With an average yield response of 8.8 Bu./A* on corn, the grower can realize up to $27.06 additional profit per acre at $4 corn. When adding NutriSphere-N to 330 Lbs./A (153 units of N/A) of urea (46-0-0), growers see an average yield increase of 12.8 Bu./A* in corn. Accounting for the $12.38/A cost to the grower, the result is up to $38.82 in additional profit per acre.

Protect your N investment against three types of loss with NutriSphere-N. Learn more at

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Important: Always read and follow label use directions.
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