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A new technology discovered by Los Alamos National Laboratory and developed by Verdesian Life Sciences is designed to revolutionize the science of nutrient utilization and efficiency on a variety of field crops.

Offering several application options – as a seed treatment, soil treatment or foliar spray – Take Off® works from inside the plant to increase plant uptake and efficiency of nutrients, particularly nitrogen, therebyfueling faster plant growth and the ability to capture more carbon from the atmosphere and nutrients from the soil.

Mike Wilson, an agronomist and specialty crops coordinator at Wabash Valley Service Company in Allendale, Illinois, has tested Take Off in several field trials on corn. “Two top priorities for our customers are nutrient efficiency and crop stress mitigation,” says Wilson, who works closely with farmers in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. “Based on our trials, Take Off helps better utilize nitrogen, increase yield potential and reduce various environmental and agronomic stresses. We saw yield increases in corn up to 13 bushels per acre due to improvements in plant health.”

Brad Ruden, director of agronomy technical services for Wheat Growers in Aberdeen, South Dakota, has been field testing Take Off in conjunction with inoculants and seed treatments, as well as foliar applications, in soybeans, corn and spring wheat. “What Take Off is doing is ramping up the carbon and nitrogen cycles within the plant,” Ruden explains. And, when we put in on the seed as an inoculant, it’s happening very early in the growing season. We’re getting an improved plant stand, and the product is also signaling the plant to get out and look for more nitrogen in the soil.”

A lot of Ruden’s testing of Take Off has been in on soybeans in conjunction with another Verdesian Life Sciences product,  Preside® CL soybean inoculant, which features the Take Off technology. “I feel very passionate about soybean inoculants specifically and seed treatments in general,” the agronomist says. “These products are an absolute must if we are going to maximize productivity in soybeans.”

According to Ruden, when uninoculated soybeans were compared against soybeans treated with a basic, standard inoculant, there was a 1.8 bushel-per-acre gain for the inoculated soybeans. When Preside CL inoculant was introduced into the field trial, there was an additional 1.33 bushel-per-acre yield increase. “That’s over an additional 3 bushel-per-acre yield increase for soybeans treated with the Preside CL and versus the uninoculated soybeans,” he stresses.

Ruden emphasizes that getting crops up quickly and off to a solid start is critical in the area that Wheat Growers covers, whether it be soybeans, corn or wheat. “In the Northern Plains, early-season plant development is an absolutely critical factor for success later in the season,” the agronomist says. “We plant into some pretty stressful conditions and very cold soils.

“Having a product that can increase that early-season plant growth and development, get those plants out of the ground more quickly and in a more uniform manner, is absolutely critical in setting those plants up for developmental success throughout the entire growing season. Plants that are behind from the get-go just never seem to catch up during the rest of the season.”

To date, Ruden has evaluated Take Off, not only in soybeans with the Preside CL inoculant, but also as a wheat seed treatment and as a foliar product in corn and soybeans. “We’ve seen positive results with this product across the board,” he says. “That’s a rare find to be able to find a product that can work on seed and as a foliar spray and be consistent across three major crops.”

Important: Always read and follow label use directions.

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