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A Call to Farms: Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency with Advancements in Nitrogen Management
As a plant health and nutrition company, Verdesian Life Sciences is focused on providing solutions to the agronomic and environmental challenges that face growers today. By providing tailor-made solutions for their specific market needs, Verdesian helps farmers be more efficient and environmentally sustainable in their operations.

At the 2016 Commodity Classic convention and trade show, Verdesian was given the opportunity to share some of these agronomic solutions during a 40-minute What Is New Session. The information below provides a summary of the presentation delivered by Dr. Ryan Bond, vice president of marketing at Verdesian; Dr. Tim Maloney, production research agronomist at Agri-Tech Consulting and Dr. Gary Tuxhorn, principal scientist at United Suppliers.

Ryan Bond, Ph.D., vice president of marketing and technology at Verdesian in Cary, N.C.
Recently, Verdesian worked with scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory to develop a new product that enables plants to more efficiently take up applied nitrogen. The outcome of this research and development collaboration was Take Off® technology, a product that promotes faster plant emergence, improved early season vigor, a quicker canopy closure and greater yield potential.

Source: The Los Alamos National Laboratory (2013)

“We will continue to partner with leading institutions to bring nutrient use efficiency technologies forward,” Bond said. “Take Off technology is the next step for the industry to better manage nitrogen applications. This product works inside the plant to consume nitrogen while it’s still available. The technology in Take Off triggers the plant to take up that nutrient and utilize your nitrogen investment to its full potential.”

Since it has been on the market, Take Off technology has been integrated into three different products: Take Off® seed treatmentPreside CL® soybean inoculant and Symbol™ Advance powered by Take Off.

Tim Maloney, Ph.D., production research agronomist, Agri-Tech Consulting in Whitewater, WI
Maloney’s farm philosophy is to always get the most from the genetic potential of your seed through the use of best management practices. His belief is that by beginning with the correct foundation, such as an effective seed treatment, you will achieve the greatest end product.
“I have a neat job,” Maloney said. “I get to farm, but what’s really fun is that I get to see what’s coming next. We can get yield, but we are always looking at it as, ‘could it have been better?’ That’s what farming is about – managing every step of the way.”

Throughout his field trials, Maloney has had the opportunity to test Take Off seed treatment on corn and wheat, as well as Preside CL on soybeans.

“If you get off to a good start, you improve the stand, which will improve the field. And then, look what you get – an increase in yield,” said Maloney, who experienced a 7 Bu./A increase when using Take Off ST on corn and a 6 Bu./A increase on his winter wheat trials.

VLS Field Trials: 2014 (DSTCRN2) and 2015 (DSTCRN1, DSTCRN5); WI (4)

VLS Field Trials: 2015 (DSTWW1); WI (1)

In trials testing the soybean inoculant Preside CL, Maloney was able to consistently achieve an increase in yield, stating that, “with soybeans, if you can start picking up 2 – 3 bushels, you’ve just hit a home run.”

VLS Field Trials: 2014 (DSTSOY3) and 2015 (DSTSOY5); WI (2)

Through each trial of his research, Maloney said, “My confidence in Take Off is showing up in the combine every time.”

Gary Tuxhorn, Ph.D., principle scientist, United Suppliers in Smithville, Missouri
As a scientist, Tuxhorn says that he believes in new products only when they have legitimate yield data and agronomic science to support their claims – an approach otherwise known as, “trust, but verify.”

In his field trials, Tuxhorn has tested the Take Off technology powering the United Suppliers’ foliar nutritional package, Symbol Advance. He said, “what we are getting out of the Take Off technology in Symbol Advance is improved nitrogen efficiency and post-herbicide stress mitigation working together to improve plant health and increase yield potential.”

VLS Field Trial (2014). Sparta, IL.

By breaking the growing season into three periods of stress – germination and emergence, vegetative growth, and reproduction – Tuxhorn says that this type of technology is most effective in sequential applications during a plant’s early growth phases to help protect that plant through the reproductive stage.

“Most of the time we are running this product out in a tank mix with a post-emergence herbicide,” said Tuxhorn. “The use of Symbol Advance during a time when we can tank mix with the herbicide and subsequently enhance that plant’s productivity throughout the growing season is where we’ve had a lot of success with this product.”

Data: US Field Trials (2014). 4 locations. Rate equivalent to 1 lb/A.

Data: US Field Trials (2014). Rate equivalent to 1 lb/A.

“When you look at technology like Take Off where it increases the plant’s metabolism, these have an effect in the plant for about 30 days,” Tuxhorn said. “This is why you will hear me talking about sequential applications. Protecting the crop with a seed treatment during the first growth stage and then applying the Take Off technology in post-emergence herbicides allows the plant to increase vigor and performance to reach its full potential throughout the growing season.”

Tuxhorn says that United Suppliers is always looking for innovative new products to bring to the market that can help growers increase their yield and profitability.

“With these technologies that increase nutrient efficiency, that plant is pulling nitrogen out of the roots and up into the growing points more efficiently than an untreated plant,” Tuxhorn said. “The crop is utilizing more of the available nitrogen in the soil, as shown by the yield data.”

As for Tuxhorn’s “trust, but verify” methodology, he says that to date all of United Suppliers’ third-party research has matched the data provided by Verdesian Life Sciences.

The Key to Profit Potential: Maximizing Nitrogen Efficiency with Take Off Technology
Profit margins are tight, so protect your nitrogen investment. Take Off technology works inside the plant to take up nitrogen more efficiently, encourage faster plant growth and increase yield potential.

Proven research shows how Take Off technology can maximize your nitrogen investment:

–Increased corn yields on average of 4.5% or 7.1 Bu./A (Symbol/Advance Powered by Take Off, Tuxhorn; Take Off ST, Maloney)

–Increased soybean yields on average 4.3% or 2.3 Bu./A (Take Off technology; Tuxhorn)

–Increased wheat yields on average 6 Bu./A (Take Off ST; Maloney)

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