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Proquatic PondRestore™

Postbiotic Biostimulant

Maintaining a Non-Toxic Pond Bottom to Support a Healthy Pond Environment

Aerial image of shrimp breeding farms in Giao Thuy, Vietnam

Pond bottoms determine the stability of the pond ecosystem and is where most pond microbes can be found. As the bioload within the pond increases, it generates more organic matter that falls to the pond bottom.

Proquatic PondRestore™ helps anaerobic processes at the pond bottom quickly break down uneaten feed, fertilizer, feces, carcasses and dead phytoplankton to help the pond environment accommodate a higher bioload. As a result, Proquatic PondRestore helps reduce the formation of toxins like H2S, stopping their release into the pond water where they can harm shrimp health.

Multiple components work together to create a sustainable, stable pond environment

A postbiotic biostimulant functional matrix, Proquatic PondRestore combines the power of probiotic metabolites, seaweed extracts, amino acids, chelated/complexed minerals, bioavailable vitamins and antioxidants. Together, these product components positively impact the whole pond ecosystem by:

  • Supporting anaerobic processes at the bottom of the pond, regardless of pond type
  • Promoting increased levels of diatoms and beneficial bacteria
  • Accelerating decomposition of waste on the pond bottom to help maintain desired dissolved oxygen levels
  • Stabilizing alkalinity levels and avoiding undesirable pH fluctuations in the water to help better manage algal blooms and improve shrimp moulting and growth











PondRestore Graphs_Proven Performance









Effect of PondRestore on Anaerobic Soil

PondRestore restores damaged soils

PondRestore enhances activities of natural bacterial and probiotics in converting black, anaerobic soils into light-colored aerobic soils, restoring to a rich and productive state.

















China. Source: Verdesian Life Sciences.

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