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Quickly Establish Healthy Pond Environment to Help Aquatic Species Thrive

For shrimp and other young aquatic species to better acclimate to new pond environments with minimal mortality, they need to be placed into pond water capable of sustaining beneficial microbes and other nutrients.

proqiatic maintain

By helping sustain high-quality pond water, Proquatic PondMaintain helps aquatic species better acclimate to new pond environments, which can result in decreased mortality.

Proquatic PondMaintain™ excels at creating and maintaining a healthy pond environment in hatchery, nursery and early stages of grow-out systems by:

 Supporting increased microbial activity and beneficial algal growth
 Stimulating growth, activity and efficacy of beneficial bacteria to improve microbial activity in the water column in aerobic conditions, improving overall water quality and stability
 Promoting aerobic bacteria multiplication and biofilm formation

Proquatic PondMaintain™ continues to promote a healthy water environment through the grow-out phase by:

 Stabilizing alkalinity to reduce variations in pH/dissolved oxygen
 Accelerating decomposition of organic matter while reducing ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other harmful substances that can create toxicity in the water in aerobic conditions

Multiple components work together to create nourishing pond water

A postbiotic biostimulant functional matrix, Proquatic PondMaintain combines the power of probiotic metabolites, seaweed extracts, chelated/complexed minerals, amino acids, bioavailable vitamins and antioxidants. These product components work together to support the development of beneficial water organisms that promote species health and growth.


Proquatic PondMaintain Increases Survival Rate

Specifically, Proquatic PondMaintain contains several critical minerals such as boron, copper, iron, molybdenum, zinc, etc. Collectively, these minerals greatly support metabolic functions, enzymatic activity, photosynthesis and micronutrient availability/uptake for microorganism growth in ponds.



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