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Pit Pro Increases Profits and Proficiency in Manure Handling

New technology offers improvements in nutrient management and odor control in manure.

Jan 30, 2019

CARY, North Carolina (January 30, 2019) – Verdesian Life Sciences, the leading provider in nutrient use efficiency products, is pleased to offer Pit Pro™, an evolutionary product that will help producers better manage their manure pits by breaking down solids in the pit, creating a more uniform distribution of nutrients during pump out, and reducing odor.

“A lot of manure storage facilities have a couple of inches up to a couple of feet of solids that don’t pump out,” said Carter Ash, Manure Specialist, Verdesian Life Sciences. “Pit Pro helps tremendously to remove that crust and especially those solids from the storage, creating a more uniform manure product as it leaves the facility.”

“I’ve been involved in manure handling for 15 years, and I’m excited about the fact that we are offering a product that offers high value to everyone involved in manure handling, from the integrators to the handlers to the producers,” said Sid Skank, Technical Sales Representative, Verdesian Life Sciences. “Everyone can stand behind this product.”

Pit Pro works as an ultra-negative charged long-chained molecule. When Pit Pro enters a manure pit or a lagoon, it immediately starts drawing up the positively charged solid particles off the bottom of your pit, just like a magnet, dislodging solid buildup. The length and width of the molecules in Pit Pro allow it to stay in suspension, like a feather floating in the air, pulling molecules into suspension with it. Pit Pro is effective in all manners of livestock manure operations.

Unlike other manure products, Pit Pro is not a pesticide, so additional recordkeeping is not required of handlers. Pit Pro is also not a biological, so the variables that often affect the efficacy of biological activities are not in play. But the real value of the product is in the impact it has on manure crust and nutrients.

“Busting up the crust and removing solids took far less time and effort than it normally does because of Pit Pro,” said Dean Dahlstrom, a dairy farmer from Foley, Minn. “I was able to get other field work done a full day earlier because of it.”

“Agronomically and logistically, Pit Pro brings benefits to the farmer and to those outside of farming,” said Ash, “specifically around reduced odor, better nutrient distribution and less runoff of nutrients.”

“A neighbor told me he didn’t notice an odor problem this year, and he didn’t have a fly problem. At first, he didn’t understand why,” said Skank. “He didn’t know that we had treated our building with Pit Pro. That excites me that we are helping tremendously with odor control.”

To learn more about Pit Pro, or to purchase it, please go to, or contact Verdesian Technical Sales Representatives Carter Ash (, 320-828-0323) or Sid Skank (, 402-660-1790).