“My mother always had a garden and wanted to impress upon my brother and I that food doesn’t really come from a grocery store,” he says. “I also remember, quite clearly, the germination experiments they have you do in kindergarten with a dried bean and a wet paper towel. From that moment, I’ve been enamored with plant growth and development.”

That passion never left Seth. He earned a degree in Horticulture from North Carolina State University, followed by a career that has taken him to research and development (R&D) roles at Bayer CropScience, BASF and now, Verdesian, where he is Director of R&D Project Management. His stints at Bayer and BASF were, according to Seth, “focused on the development of sustainable crop solutions for food, fuel, and fiber” to support a growing world population – something everyone at Verdesian also understands. Before joining Verdesian, Seth operated in the BASF Seeds & Traits Business Unit as a Validation Workflow Coordinator and Quality Lead. He has experiences in small molecules research for Crop Protection, technical level management of early-phase genetically modified crop research, and workflow coordination of the pipeline validation process.

“While the technology solutions differ, the similar strategic sustainability focus is the main reason I’m excited to be a part of Verdesian,” Seth says. “One of my professional goals is to continue learning and to constantly develop. My role being close to Business & Commercial operations, really facilitates that development. It’s also great being able to gain some understanding of global agricultural issues. The issues we see domestically aren’t necessarily the same as in South America or southeast Asia, for example, but the scope of Verdesian’s portfolio and caliber of colleagues ensures that we have solutions to meet those challenges. That’s exciting and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Seth’s interest in food also goes back to his youth; he has enjoyed cooking since a young age. Today, he shares that love with his wife and daughters.

“My happy place is at home in the kitchen, yard, or garden, with my family. My girls are my garden co-pilots and sous chefs who are always asking plant-based questions.”