Verdesian Life Sciences recently acquired Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., which bolsters our portfolio and strengthens our claim as The Nutrient Use Efficiency People. Along with the wonderful products and technologies that are now part of the Verdesian portfolio, we are also pleased to welcome extremely talented, dedicated colleagues to the Verdesian family. This edition of “Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People” profile introduces one of our newest Verdesian colleagues.

For 28 years, Ricardo Toledo has been a dedicated and loyal member of the Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc., team. Today he serves as Business Manager for Mexico, Central America-Caribbean & the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal), meaning he is a global expert in a global company. In this role, Ricardo collaborates with technicians from countriricardo-citruses within those geographies, contributing with the Cytozyme Technical Department (under the leadership of Elizabeth Wozniak) for development and launching of products as Horti-Crop and Spring Fever S BR. Ricardo is based in San Salvador, El Salvador.

“Sometimes people ask me how I have spent so much time at Cytozyme,” says Ricardo. “My answer is short and simple: loyalty and persistence.”

That loyalty and persistence is a two-way street; in 2013, Cytozyme awarded Ricardo the “Outstanding Loyalty Award.”

“That remains an honor and privilege for me.”

Ricardo is excited about what the future holds with Verdesian Life Sciences.

“It’s a privilege to work for Verdesian, and my challenge is to make Verdesian a household name in my regions as well as to grow in sales, making our products essential tools for producers,” he says.

ricardo-signPrior to joining to Cytozyme, the Brazilian-born Ricardo worked eight years for the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) as Principal Technical Adviser-TPA (Project Director) for agricultural projects in different countries of Latin America. In all, Ricardo has worked for four decades in agricultural innovations.

Ricardo graduated in agricultural engineering from the Federal University of Rio Janeiro (1977) and obtained a post-graduate degree in plant physiology and nutrition from the Federal University of Vicosa (1978). A devoted husband and father, Ricardo enjoys soccer, shopping and going to the movies.