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What is FlexConnect?

FlexConnect™ is the first closed application system for multiple component, liquid biological products that delivers convenience and flexibility for application to seed while maintaining the quality of any unused product for later use and eliminating waste from product spoilage.

Does it work with all inoculants?

No. Products need to be manufactured and packaged specifically with FlexConnect. Only Preside CL®, Preside Ultra and Primo Ultra will be enabled for FlexConnect.

How many units of soybeans can be treated from FlexConnect enabled inoculant?

Preside CL is packaged in 200 & 400-unit sizes.

Preside Ultra and Primo Ultra are packaged in 1,000-unit sizes.

Multiple packages can be used together to double units treated between reloading FlexConnect.

Do I need to apply all my inoculant through FlexConnect?

Although applying through FlexConnect insures the highest quality application with no degradation, FleXconnect can be utilized in conjunction with a mix tank. However, using the mix tank reduces the application window from 14 days to the same day as when the product was mixed.

How does FlexConnect mix the components in the right ratios?

FlexConnect’s patented system of integrated valves delivers the proper ratio of components from each bladder and allows mixing in-line prior to application on the seed.

How do I know how much inoculant has been applied through FlexConnect?

Just like when using a mixing tank, the amount of product used will be tracked with the monitoring of seed treated.

How does FlexConnect-enabled packaging attach to the treater?

Each case includes an application kit that connects the bladders through a mixing port directly to the input line prior to inoculant pump.

How do I flush the system?

Disconnect the application kit and submerge the caps in water. Turn on the pump and water will be drawn through the lines to rinse them out. Replace the application kit prior to attaching to a new set of bladders.

Can I connect more than one set of bladders together?

Yes. However, product should be withdrawn from one set at a time to minimize the chance for one set to empty first, thus introducing air to the system and affecting accuracy. Connecting multiple cases together can provide 800 to 2,000 units of inoculant for application before reloading FlexConnect.

How do I calibrate with FlexConnect?

By pumping directly from the original packaging into a calibration tube or container just like from a mixing tank. Once withdrawn from the packaging during the calibration process, the inoculant must be applied to seed right away.

What equipment is required for FlexConnect?

A separate pump for inoculants must be used for FlexConnect. If the treatment process involves mixing all products together in one tank, a separate pumping system will be required. Visit the FlexConnect product page to see links to equipment suppliers.

What do I need to adapt my equipment?

Verdesian can consult on the proper setup to meet your needs. The equipment is readily available and can be installed in under an hour.

I have a Loss-In-Weight System. Will FlexConnect work on my treater?

Yes. Contact your equipment supplier, who can provide a stand or bracket that will adapt to your scales.

If I adapt my treater for FlexConnect, should I keep the mix tank?

This is a decision that you must make. It is perfectly acceptable to use FlexConnect exclusively for direct injection from the original packaging. However, there may be days of heavy inoculant use where using the mix tank is the most efficient method.

Who do I contact for equipment to use FlexConnect?

Visit the FlexConnect page. There you will find links to the major seed treatment equipment suppliers that are prepared to help adapt your specific treater to apply FlexConnect.

How big are the FlexConnect packages?

Preside CL comes in 200- and 400-unit packaging. The new Preside Ultra and Primo Ultra products come in 1,000 units/case allowing for a “Bulk-Like” efficiency in handling and application.


How much inoculant is normally wasted with traditional packaging?

Extensive surveys with applicators across the soybean belt indicate an average of 10% to 15% of all inoculant purchased spoils and has no value when applied to seed. This waste can reduce overall margin on inoculants sold by as much as $0.80 per unit.

How much will I reduce the amount of wasted inoculant due to spoilage with FlexConnect?

Testing and commercial use across the U.S. reveals that no spoilage was experienced. An applicator should expect no waste when used according to the label.

I don’t want to handle more package sizes. If I am using the tank and FlexConnect, that’s adding extra packages.

You will handle less packages and far fewer individual containers. When using the FlexConnect system, you are protecting the quality of unused product over time. Virtually all of your needs can be met with the one large, lower cost size.

How will FlexConnect affect my treatment schedule?

FlexConnect can deliver any volume of inoculant at any time up to the total contents of the case. Therefore, seed can be treated in the order it is to be delivered without staging and additional warehousing required with traditional packaging that requires the use of entire case contents within hours of opening.

How does FlexConnect provide economic advantages compared to other application methods?

FlexConnect allows for the application of inoculant in any volume, at any time up to 14 days after connection eliminating the need for higher priced small packages, reduced warehousing costs and significantly reducing the shrink in inventory due to spoilage.

How much more does FlexConnect enabled product cost?

FlexConnect packaged product is no higher than the same size case in traditional packaging. With the savings in reduced waste, your cost of goods sold will be substantially less than traditional packaging.


I don’t want to handle more package sizes. If I am using the tank and FlexConnect, that’s adding extra packages.

You will handle fewer packages and far fewer individual containers. FlexConnect bladders can be cut and used in the mixing tank just as traditional packaging and, when using the FlexConnect system, you are protecting the quality of unused product over time. Virtually all of your needs can be met with the one large, lower cost size.

How long can FlexConnect-enabled product remain usable after the first withdrawal from packaging?

Testing has shown that quality is maintained for 14 days after the first withdrawal.

Is there much packaging with FlexConnect?

A switch to FlexConnect can REDUCE the number of bladders opened significnatly. Smaller 40- or 50-unit sizes of products including the 2 or 3 components can be replaced using FlexConnect while maintaining quality when using a single large package size up to 14 days after first use. One case of FlexConnect product can treat as much as 1,000 units of soybeans.

How does FlexConnect impact our operational efficiencies?

Operational efficiencies are improved by increasing the flexibility of application volumes, improving inventory management and reducing the management of multiple package sizes.


Is inoculant applied through FlexConnect-enabled packaging as good as mixing in a tank?

It is actually better. Applying directly from the sterile packaging dramatically reduces undesirable contaminants that grow in open-air mixing tanks by as much as 90%. By using sterile product immediately withdrawn from the original package at application, the highest quality product is applied to every seed, from the first unit applied to the last.

We currently drain any unused product from the mix tank and store it in a refrigerator until we need it so we have no waste.

Liquid rhizobium is conditioned to be stable in the original sterile packaging. Refrigeration will slow some of the contaminants and does little to preserve quality. The use of refrigerated leftover material will have little economic value to the producer and is an off-label use.

Are there agronomic impacts from applying my inoculant through FlexConnect?

FlexConnect application assures 100% of the aggressive nitrogen-fixing rhizobia is applied to every seed from the first to the last and for up to 14 days after connecting to FlexConnect. Contamination introduced in an open-air mixing tank compromises product quality over time. This contamination can easily lead to a loss of 40-60% of the live rhizobia applied over the course of a day.