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Tree Nuts

Tree Nuts

Did you know the U.S. is the biggest producer of almonds and pistachios, and a large contributor to the world’s nut consumption? Ensure your tree nuts are getting the nutrients they need to thrive with nutrient use efficiency products designed for your crop.

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  • Seed Treatments & Inoculants

    Seed Treatments & Inoculants

  • AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer reduces the fixation of applied phosphorus, keeping more available for plant uptake and improving fertilizer ROI.

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  • CROP+ is foliar nutritional supplement providing plant tolerance to abiotic stress, improving yield and quality of crops.

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  • Fungi-Phite® is a fast-acting phosphite fungicide proven to fight and prevent disease in more than 20 varieties of specialty crops.

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  • MicroSync® Granular Micronutrients are a unique blend of sulfates and sucrates that offer improved nutrient availability and performance.

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  • By slowing the oxidation of phosphorus, Nutri-Phite® enhances nutrient uptake to improve plant health and vigor, leading to increased yield potential.

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  • NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager keeps more nitrogen available for plant uptake and inhibits N loss.

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  • PolyAmines are amino acid chelated micronutrients designed to prevent or correct trace element deficiencies at all stages of plant growth.

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  • Primacy ALPHA® works inside the plant to stimulate the efficient assimilation and utilization of nutrients for a more consistent quality and yield in flowering and fruit size.

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  • Take Off® is a revolutionary nitrogen-management technology that accelerates nutrient acquisition and assimilation as well as nitrogen use efficiency.

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  • N-Charge G™ provides long-lasting protection of treated granular nitrogen fertilizers, enhancing nitrogen use efficiency.

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Key Considerations for Tree Nuts


After harvest, nut trees need to go into a winter dormancy in order to protect themselves from the cold and resume productivity the following season. All nut trees have a certain length of “chilling hours” required for dormancy, and these hours must be met to ensure male and female flowers are synchronized the next year.

In addition to chilling hours, climate and pruning techniques are also key for crop productivity.


Nut trees grow better on loamy or partly sandy soils than they do on heavy clay soils; however, almonds are fairly tolerant to poor soil and can be grown successfully in a number of environments.


Tree nuts are susceptible to navel orangeworm, trunk disease, mold, and a number of other pests and diseases, as well as boron deficiency. To keep crops healthy, many producers spray multiple times per year, and it is recommended to use integrated pest management practices.

Key Nutrients

  • Nitrogen — Key (at different rates) during all growth stages to promote early growth and maintain fruit development throughout the season.
  • Potassium — Needed during all growth stages for early growth, fruit uptake and fruit quality.
  • Phosphorus — Should be applied at flowering and post-harvest for strong root development and maintenance.
  • Calcium, Boron, Zinc — Important during all growth stages to help promote healthy tissue, strong yields and fruit quality.

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