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Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Animal production efficiency hinges on gut health. Why? A healthy gut fosters well-functioning digestive and immune systems. Researchers are learning that when the gut and microflora are thriving, the animal is better able to overcome stress. That makes optimal gut health vitally important to the performance of production animals. Be sure to incorporate Verdesian Animal Nutrition products in your feed ration to support improved digestive health, stronger immune systems and overall better performance.

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  • Lumensa™ postbiotic feed additive is an important piece of the gut health puzzle. It contains multiple components that work together to positively affect three areas: improved gut integrity, modified gut microbiome and reduced pathogens.

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Key Considerations for Animal Nutrition


Animal gut health is at the center of animal productivity. A healthy gut fuels well-functioning digestive and immune systems. By creating and supporting a balanced gut microbiome, beneficial microorganisms are allowed to flourish and prevent harmful bacteria from establishing in the gut and intestines. Animals are able to more efficiently convert feed to energy and absorb nutrients.


Animals will respond in different ways to stress events, with the biggest impact happening to the digestive and immune systems. Animals under stress may exhibit the following responses:

  • A weakened immune system limiting the animal’s ability to fight foreign organisms.
  • An immature gastro-intestinal tract lacking beneficial microflora.
  • Compromised intestinal health leading to diarrhea and reduced appetite.
  • Decreased feed intake and efficiency.
  • Heightened risk of oxidative cell damage.

To maximize animal performance, it is vital to design a nutrition plan that supports animal health and unlocks performance by improving digestive and immune health. Better performing digestive and immune systems can lead to:

  • Enhanced feed conversion
  • Improved weight gain
  • Reduced mortality
  • Reduced pathogen outbreaks
  • Overall better animal performance

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