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  • Phil Shelley, CCA

    Phil Shelley, CCA

    Since the beginning of 2015, Phil Shelley has served as a technical sales representative, seed treatments & inoculants for Verdesian. Shelley grew up on the farm, and has chosen to continue representing American agriculture through his 35 years of agribusiness experience. After working in several aspects of the industry, Shelley’s most substantial experience remains in […]

  • Nick Muller

    Nick Muller

    Nick grew up on his family’s farm in southwest Iowa and has spent his entire life in the agriculture industry. After graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Agricultural Economics, Nick worked in various roles in livestock and row crop production, which included serving as a Sales Representative for Pioneer Hi-Bred. Nick entered […]

  • Kurt Seevers

    Kurt Seevers

    Serving as a technical development manager, seed treatments & inoculants, Kurt Seevers has spent more than 25 years in various positions, including technical services, agronomy, sales, marketing and product development. Prior to joining Verdesian in 2014, he spent the previous 10 years working with Becker Underwood, most recently as field development leader for seed treatment […]

  • Josh Lundy

    Josh Lundy

    Josh has more than 20 years of retail agronomy management experience. He came to Verdesian from South Dakota Wheat Growers in Aberdeen where he worked first as a sales manager before becoming a fertilizer marketing manager and then director of agronomy inputs. Lundy also has experience with Landmark Services Cooperative in Wisconsin, and Prairie Grain […]

  • Jim Pullins, CCA

    Jim Pullins, CCA

    Jim Pullins is a technical sales representative for the seed treatment & inoculant business. Pullins has extensive professional experience in production agriculture. This experience includes specialized knowledge in weed control, biotechnology, biological product integration and production systems in large grain operations. Prior to joining Verdesian, Pullins was a territory business manager at INTX. Other professional […]

  • Chuck Broughton

    Chuck Broughton

    Charles “Chuck” Broughton is vice president of business development for Verdesian’s seed treatments and inoculants division in the United States and Canada. A current resident of south central Iowa, Chuck brings nearly 30 years of experience to lead the seed treatment and inoculant sales team. His position is focused on expanding a rapidly growing line […]

  • Brandon Neuman

    Brandon Neuman

  • Aaron Rogers

    Aaron Rogers

    Aaron grew up in Huron, SD, and graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Agronomy. Prior to joining Verdesian, he worked as a territory sales representative with Edgewell Ag Products, and as a sales agronomist for AgFirst Farmers Cooperative in Aurora, SD. Aaron lives in Brookings, SD, with his wife, Amelia. Outside […]