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Soil Surfactants

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  • Safe Zone™

    Safe Zone™

    Reduce soluble salts in root zones Safe Zone™ is a liquid soil treatment used for dispersing accumulated salts through the soil profile to reduce soluble salts in the root zone. It can be used in all types of irrigation systems to move accumulations of salt below the root zone. This soil desalinization treatment can lead […]



    Boost herbicide efficiency CITRON® Water Herbicide Adjuvant boosts herbicide efficiency, minimizes chemical reactions, increases plant tissue absorption and improves performance under adverse weather conditions. Used in conjunction with most contact herbicides, this acid-based adjuvant conditions spray tank water by lowering the pH level. The details Increases plant tissue absorption without additional surfactants Faster weed control […]

  • Aqua-Pam™


    Retain more water in your soil Aqua-Pam™ is a proven soil surfactant and water retention aid that improves soil structure, increases water supply to a plant’s roots and boosts nutrient use efficiency. Aqua-Pam increases the rate water soaks into the soil, protecting plants against water stressors. Whether applied by sprinkler or in-furrow irrigation systems, this […]