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  • Tuxedo®


    Nourish crops as they germinate Tuxedo® is formulated with patented technology to ensure essential micronutrients are available for immediate plant uptake, nourishing crops as they germinate. It’s compatible with most standard insecticide and fungicide seed treatments, and can be applied simultaneously. The details Stronger emergence Healthier root growth Vigorous plant growth Faster stand establishment Increased […]

  • Take Off ST®

    Take Off ST®

    Give seeds a strong start Take Off ST® accelerates germination, emergence, establishment and canopy closure and pushes the seed toward a faster start, helping plants avoid early-season stresses that can inhibit yield potential throughout the growing season. A plant with a stronger start is a plant with a better chance to endure difficult early-season conditions. […]

  • Primo R1

    Primo R1

    A soybean plant needs 5lbs of nitrogen per bushel. Using an inoculant helps your plants build a larger “nitrogen engine” to support greater yield potential. Primo R1 is a super concentrated soybean inoculant that helps provide soybean plants with the levels of nitrogen it needs. MORE RHIZOBIA PER SEED • Greater than 2.6M Colony Forming Units […]

  • Primo GX2

    Primo GX2

    Primo GX2 is an in-furrow, multi-action granular inoculant that brings more nitrogen to the plant and performs well in harsh planting conditions. When used under these conditions, Primo GX2 helps ensure improved water and nutrient uptake for healthier plants by combining high levels of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia with an organic biological growth promoter. The formulation maximizes […]

  • Primo


    Primo Power CL Primo Power, a higher concentration liquid seed inoculant for peanuts, is designed to maximize plant growth with specially selected strains of rhizobia. Primo Power CL enables healthier plants right from the start and maximizes yield potential with increased nodulation. Primo GX2 Primo GX2 is an in-furrow, multi-action granular inoculant that brings more […]

  • Pre-Vail™


    Capture more nitrogen for improved seedling growth Nitrogen fixation is a critical component for producing higher yields in alfalfa and other clovers. Pre-Vail™ is a ready-to-use, clay-based pre-inoculant designed to improve early seedling vigor through increased root development and excellent nodulation. Pre-Vail not only contains high levels of rhizobium for nitrogen fixation – 100 million […]

  • N-Take™ Soybean Inoculant

    N-Take™ Soybean Inoculant

    Ensure proper nodulation with a high bacteria count N-Take™ inoculant stimulates free-living soil bacteria, enhancing your soybeans’ nitrogen uptake from the earliest stages of development through harvest. As a dual-action, custom-applied liquid soybean inoculant designed for commercial application, N-Take’s formulation exposes plants to more nitrogen. With one of the highest bacteria counts in the industry, […]

  • N-Dure™


    Premier rhizobium inoculant for successful nodulation N-Dure™ is one of the most economical planter box seed inoculants for sale on the market for obtaining nitrogen fixation. Packaged as a pre-mixed, humus-based product, N-Dure’s high rhizobia count and potency can yield results in a wide range of conditions, and is effective on alfalfa, soybeans, cowpeas, and […]

  • N-Charge®


    Increase seed adhesion for proper nodulation N-Charge® is specially formulated to increase seed adhesion over traditional planter box inoculants by as much as 150%. Better seed adhesion means more inoculant in the root zone for proper nodulation, which is key when growing a healthy viable bean, lentil or pea crop. Formulated with specific rhizobia to […]

  • Guard-N®


    Fix more nitrogen for enhanced legume growth Guard-N® is an inoculant that helps improve nitrogen uptake in common legume garden crops, including beans, peas, lima beans, soybeans and 60 other species. It’s OMRI listed for organic use and contains several strains of rhizobia, including Bradyrhizobium japonicum, Bradyrhizobium sp. (Vigna), Rhizobium leguminorsarum biovar viceae and Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar […]