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Nutrient Management Technologies

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  • Sterics®


    Make your soils work harder Sterics® delivers soil-applied nutrients that delay the chemical fixation reactions between phosphorus, potassium and sulfur in alkaline or acidic soils. This patented chemistry allows for phosphorus, potassium and sulfur to enter and stay available for longer periods in the soil. The details Get same or better results using less phosphorus, […]

  • PolyAmines


    Capture nutrients for maximum uptake PolyAmines are amino acid chelated micronutrients designed to prevent or correct trace element deficiencies at all stages of plant growth. They keep nutrients in the optimal form until utilized by the plant. PolyAmines’ binding constants allow micronutrients to be mixed with macronutrients for efficient plant absorption. The details Effective with […]

  • NutriSphere-N® HV

    NutriSphere-N® HV

    Retain more nitrogen for plant uptake NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager keeps more nitrogen available for plant uptake and inhibits N loss. This helps contribute to higher yield potential and can reduce the amount of nitrogen that winds up in surface or ground water through runoff and leaching. NutriSphere-N shields nitrogen on a molecular level by […]

  • NutriSphere-N®


    You’re not one to throw money away, whether that’s on equipment or crop inputs. You sure as heck don’t want to watch your money literally float away, but that happens all too often with applied nitrogen products, which can end up in waterways instead of your crops. With NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager, you know your […]

  • Nutripaction Granulated Micronutrients

    Nutripaction Granulated Micronutrients

    Achieve higher Performance with Verdesian’s Nutripaction Compaction Technology Nutripaction granulation is a specialized compaction process that does not change the composition of raw materials through chemical reaction or oxidization. This physical process allows us to produce products with high water solubility and true chelation, as well as other multi-nutrient products, in an analytically consistent, low-dust, […]

  • Nutri-Grow®


    Enhance turf growth and performance Developed at Los Alamos National Laboratories, Nutri-Grow® phosphite products for turf and ornamental performance combine patented formulations of phosphite and organic acids developed by the University of California-Riverside to deliver enhanced plant growth, root development, flowering, transplant establishment and color development. Nutri-Grow stimulates plants to fix more carbon dioxide, increase […]

  • NUE Charge™ G

    NUE Charge™ G

    The almighty nitrogen. Without it, crops are flops. But NUE-Charge™ G can put the pep back in your plants by ensuring more nitrogen stays so your crops get the nutrients they need. When you apply NUE-Charge G to urea, ammonium sulfate, or a blend of these, you’ll see months (that’s right, months) of nutrient efficiency. […]

  • More Than Manure®

    More Than Manure®

    Reduce farm odors. Protect nutrients. More Than Manure® (MTM®) polymer technology reduces farm odors while protecting your manure’s phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) for improved plant uptake. Used on over two million acres, MTM maximizes your yield potential, ensures your operation’s Manure Management Plan is profitable and helps fulfill your commitment to your neighbors, community, […]

  • MicroSync®


    If you were building the perfect truck, you’d likely choose a certain size engine and specific tires designed for your terrain. You would even probably have an idea about color and amenities, like heated seats or a satellite radio. But what if after all that planning and all that work, you forgot to include spark […]

  • Intracept™


    Increase nutrient efficiency for optimized growth Intracept™ helps plants optimize growth and uniformity, improving maturity, size, quality and color in specialty crops. Its proprietary blend of vitamins, amino acids, plant steroids, polysaccharides and co-enzymes helps plants make the most of nutrient penetration, uptake and utilization. The details Improves effective nutrient penetration, uptake and utilization in […]