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    Developed with proprietary technology from Verdesian Life Sciences, SEED+™ GRAPHITE is a nutritional planter box solution that improves germination, crop emergence, seedling vigor, and plant tolerance to abiotic stressors, leading to higher yields. SEED+ GRAPHITE goes beyond traditional seed lubricants by applying nutrients directly to the seed and helping mitigate early-season stressors through a combination […]

  • Primo Power CL

    Primo Power CL

    Primo Power CL, a higher concentration liquid in-furrow inoculant for peanuts, is designed to maximize plant growth with specially selected strains of rhizobia. Primo Power CL enables healthier plants right from the start and maximizes yield potential with increased nodulation. MAXIMIZES PEANUT GROWTH Primo Power CL liquid peanut inoculant generates a healthier plant right from […]