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Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Scott Coldagelli

Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Scott Coldagelli

Scott Coldagelli is not one to sit still.

The fact of the matter is, when Scott gets his mind set on something, he doesn’t stop until he succeeds.

Take his time in the Peace Corps, for instance. During a 3.5 year-long stint with that organization, Scott lived with locals in a small village in The Gambia, in western Africa. It was there that he met a young woman, Liz – who just so happened to also be a Peace Corps volunteer. The problem is that the two were separated by about 30 miles. There were no cars available for Scott, so he made it a point to bike (when available) the distance that separated as often as he could.

Today, Scott brings a high level of energy and determination to his role as Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Accounts at Verdesian Life Sciences.

Scott also has an eye for innovation. He was the founder of N2 Medical Solutions, which developed and patented a medication management system to increase senior citizens’ medication adherence.

But it is agriculture that has most benefited from Scott’s passion.

He came to Verdesian from Bayer CropScience, where he worked as the Herbicide Portfolio Manager in the Durham, NC, location. In that position, he managed a $65 million portfolio, and his responsibilities included establishing the portfolio vision, product mix, channel strategy, marketing plan, and delivering key financial objectives. Before that role, Coldagelli was one of three individuals selected to participate in Bayer’s Commercial Excellence Leadership Program.

He has held a few different roles at Verdesian, including Marketing Manager and Global Marketing Director.

“This industry is so dynamic – the market is always changing, and it’s a global industry,” he says. “No year is ever like the last, which keeps this job interesting.”

Outside of work, Scott still is seemingly always on the move. Three young kids will do that. He and Liz – yes, they did end up getting married – enjoy taking their family to new places as often as they can.

“We almost got stuck in Europe at the end of February due to Covid,” said Scott. “Luckily, we made it back.”

Scott is also – no surprise – an avid runner. He and Liz are planning to complete a 50-mile ultra marathon in 2021. And he loves essentially anything with sand – including golf courses and the beach.

“This industry is just full of good people,” he says. “People who value family and hard work.”

Scott Coldagelli knows a thing or two about both.

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