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Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Bill Scherzinger

Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Bill Scherzinger

Growing up in New Jersey fostered Bill Scherzinger’s dedication to sustainable agriculture and developed his understanding of the complex balance between farming, industry, and the environment.

With that foundation in place, Bill has spent his life using his personal experiences to further agricultural science through formulations technology by delivering novel solutions to everyday challenges in the field.

Today, as a Formulation Manager in Verdesian Life Sciences’ Research Triangle Park lab, he combines his passion for chemistry with his experiences in the service industry to convey complex technologies in a meaningful way to agricultural professionals. While his focus is on formulations chemistry, he works closely with biologists, agronomists, and industry professionals to deliver technologies that focus on Nutrient Use Efficiency.

“I joined Verdesian because I strongly believe in the culture, values, and reputation, and I’m confident in our goals and continued growth and success,” says Bill.

Before joining Verdesian, Bill was at FMC Corporation for six years where he specialized in global market innovations for both foliar and seed treatment crop protection products. Bill is credited with microencapsulations patents for both seed treatment and in-furrow products, and a novel development of an oil dispersion for foliar application. Prior to FMC, he worked as an academic specialist for his alma mater, Kean University in New Jersey, focusing on the synthesis of chiral ionic liquids and the production of biodiesel from microalgae.

Bill knows that there is no single approach to meeting the world’s food and textile requirements in a way that does not compromise the ability of current and future generations to meet their needs. Because of this he dedicates himself to enabling a sustainable future for farmers by developing products that help farmers grow more with less.

“Growing up in the ‘Garden State’ gave me a great appreciation for food production and sustainable agriculture,” says Bill. “I’m proud that my work with Verdesian helps to support that mission all across the United States and around the world.”

Bill and his wife Lauren currently live in Garner, NC, where they are raising their three amazing children. He enjoys running, gardening, and doing science experiments with his kids.

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