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Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Adam Jefferis

Meet the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™: Adam Jefferis

“I always strive for higher yields and embracing advancements in crop nutrition, all the while focusing on customer relationships and partnerships. The relationships are the most important part.”

Like many folks, Adam Jefferis had an “a-ha!” moment that led to his career. For him, it was a June day when he was younger, working alongside his grandfather at the family elevator.

“I remember the trucks stretching down the driveway waiting to deliver the wheat,” Adam remembers. “One day, my grandfather asked me, ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’ Since I was only 13 years old at the time, I had not really thought about it much. As he shifted the wheat from one hand to the other, he said ‘how about you go to K-State and make wheat better?’ “

Seven years later, Adam was just two semesters away from graduating from “K-State” (Kansas State) with an agronomy degree and working for the USDA in the wheat breeding lab.

Since college, Adam has spent his entire 20 plus-year career focused on production agriculture.

“I always strive for higher yields and embracing advancements in crop nutrition, all the while focusing on customer relationships and partnerships,” he says. “The relationships are the most important part.”

That relationship building led him to Verdesian Life Sciences where, today, he is an Account Manager representing customers in western Kansas, southern Nebraska and eastern Colorado.

“With Verdesian, I have the opportunity to offer value and solutions for many stages within the crop’s lifecycle,” he says. “From seed inoculants and enhancements, fertilizer efficiency products and micronutrient options, it is rewarding to partner with my customers to offer the next level of nutrient use efficiency.”

Adam is engaged to be married this coming July. Between he and his fiancé, the couple have five children.

“Family time is important to me.  We all share passions for sports, hunting, fishing, and traveling.  We rarely pass up the opportunity for a trip to a beach.”

Adam is also passionate about cooking. He loves to smoke a variety of meats. (“It not uncommon to take 10 hours for me to cook supper,” he jokes.) He is also a fan of HIIT, biking, hiking and outdoor walks.

Adam and his family reside in Clay Center, KS, which allows him and his family the opportunity to go back to “K-State” from time to time for Wildcat sporting events.


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